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Middle-aged married guy working toward retirement. Likes golf, reading, exercise.

This blog experiment

Now that I’ve been blogging for several weeks, I’m starting to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.  I can sum up what I’ve learned so far in just a few points: • Blogs have to be about something.  So far, mine is about nothing in particular.  I thought when I started that […]

Top 5 reasons to leave academia–and to stay

 (Thanks to Darren Rowse’s Top 5 Group Writing Project for inspiring this post.) Today I had to say goodbye to a valued colleague. She has taught at my university for two years, as an adjunct professor (that’s a year-to-year contract), so she’s been on uncertain ground since day one. We were conducting searches for two […]

Year-end trauma

I’m giving my two final exams tomorrow, and in the four days since I was last on campus, I’ve been getting hit with desperate e-mails from students. Some of it is justified. I e-mailed my classes with their grades to date, without the final exam, and muffed a few of the grades. It seems I […]

My #$^*&%# yard!

Classes at the university wrapped up this week, and I don’t give finals until Monday.  I caught up on my grading yesterday, and supervised some projects that are still being completed (I gave extensions to several groups). Today, I treated myself by staying home and playing golf.  I’m pleased to report that I raised the […]

The bike ride

The 50-mile bike ride is history, and it was a big success.  My wife finished at around 2:30 p.m., well ahead of the 4 p.m. cutoff time set by the ride organizers. Her sister drove down to be at the finish, and the two of us drove out to the park where the riders would […]

On the eve of the long bike ride

My wife has been training for a 50-mile bike ride for the last several months.  She’s always preferred biking to most other kinds of exercise, except yoga, and as she geared up for this ride she continually surprised me.  The six-miles rides that left her huffing, puffing, and exhausted are now short quick after-work pick-me-ups.  […]

The year winds down

As an academic, my year runs from late August to mid May.  We’re in the last full week of classes, and Monday will be our last day.  The students have been disconnected from serious academics since Spring Break.  But with just a few days left, semester projects are due in many classes, and an undercurrent […]

Hiring professors ain’t easy

I mentioned in an earlier post that I work at a university.  I am an assistant professor on tenure track.  That means I have a six-year window to meet the requirements the university sets, and then, theoretically, I am granted tenure. I am just wrapping up my second year on tenure track.  Tenure is essentially […]

What’s on my iPod

I got a new  Video iPod for my birthday last month, a joint gift from my wife and son.  I’m not enamored of the tiny screen, and have loaded only one video into it.  But I’m working hard to get all my albums copied over. Actually, that’s not 100% true.  The beauty of the iPod […]


Don’t get me wrong. I actually love golf. But sometimes I hate it. I’ve had a handicap as low as 12, and now it’s back up to about 17. And based on my play yesterday, it’ll go higher before it goes lower. I played in a threesome with two guys I’ve played with before. One […]