This blog experiment

Now that I’ve been blogging for several weeks, I’m starting to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.  I can sum up what I’ve learned so far in just a few points:

Blogs have to be about something.  So far, mine is about nothing in particular.  I thought when I started that I would be able to “ramble” about whatever struck my fancy, and I did.  But the feeling is unsatisfying, as though I’m just wasting bandwidth and time.

It takes work to build readership.  With all those blogs out there, it’s hard to be found.  Posting on other blogs is a necessity.  My readership spiked when I posted to the Top 5 contest over at Problogger, because of the links.  I suppose I’d comment on other blogs if I felt I had something worthwhile to say.

It takes more time than I thought.  A good post is like writing a good college-level paper.  It takes research, outlining, writing and rewriting.  The post might be three or four paragraphs long, but unless it has worthwhile information, it won’t make interesting reading.  And without interesting reading, why would readers come back?

I’ll probably continue to ramble for awhile, but I’ll also be looking for a topic to build this blog around.  I would like to make a success of it, and am not ready yet to throw in the towel.


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