Year-end trauma

I’m giving my two final exams tomorrow, and in the four days since I was last on campus, I’ve been getting hit with desperate e-mails from students. Some of it is justified. I e-mailed my classes with their grades to date, without the final exam, and muffed a few of the grades. It seems I had received papers from some students, graded and returned them, but neglected to enter the grade for the paper. That’s an easily remedied glitch.

Other students tell me they turned in their papers, but I didn’t enter a grade. If their papers are in my files, again that’s an easily remedied situation. But several students seem to be trying to pass the class (with A’s) without attending. At the beginning of the class period, I return any papers that I still have from previous assignments. The same people are never there to get their papers back. I have six out of eight papers from one student, who has not come to class to get them. This same student sent an e-mail asking if I intended to post a final exam review online. Sorry, Charlie, but I gave a final exam review in class last week. It was in your semester calendar. If you decided not to show up that day to get the review, I don’t see why I should post the review. While poor attendance does not carry any grade penalties, it does indicate an attitude about classwork on the part of the student. You’ve made the decision to try to pass without coming. It’s a risky decision. Here’s where your risk can backfire on you.

The chutzpah award goes to the student who didn’t turn in four of the written assignments. He missed the deadline to drop the class. I would have given him a W, and he would not have an F in his transcript. But he didn’t, and now he wants to know what he can do to save his grade in the class. He can’t. It’s a mathematical impossibility. See you in the fall.


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