Monthly Archives: May 2007

This blog experiment

Now that I’ve been blogging for several weeks, I’m starting to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.  I can sum up what I’ve learned so far in just a few points: • Blogs have to be about something.  So far, mine is about nothing in particular.  I thought when I started that […]

Top 5 reasons to leave academia–and to stay

 (Thanks to Darren Rowse’s Top 5 Group Writing Project for inspiring this post.) Today I had to say goodbye to a valued colleague. She has taught at my university for two years, as an adjunct professor (that’s a year-to-year contract), so she’s been on uncertain ground since day one. We were conducting searches for two […]

Year-end trauma

I’m giving my two final exams tomorrow, and in the four days since I was last on campus, I’ve been getting hit with desperate e-mails from students. Some of it is justified. I e-mailed my classes with their grades to date, without the final exam, and muffed a few of the grades. It seems I […]

My #$^*&%# yard!

Classes at the university wrapped up this week, and I don’t give finals until Monday.  I caught up on my grading yesterday, and supervised some projects that are still being completed (I gave extensions to several groups). Today, I treated myself by staying home and playing golf.  I’m pleased to report that I raised the […]