Don’t get me wrong. I actually love golf. But sometimes I hate it. I’ve had a handicap as low as 12, and now it’s back up to about 17. And based on my play yesterday, it’ll go higher before it goes lower.

I played in a threesome with two guys I’ve played with before. One is quite good, the other at about my level, although lately he’s pulled his handicap down to a 14. I was THIS close to keeping up with them for the first several holes, but one shot would go wrong each time, and lead to me getting the highest score of the group. On a par 4, if the good golfer parred and the medium golfer bogeyed, I could be counted on to dump a ball in the sand, land the sand shot too far from the hole to recover, and wind up with a double bogey.

I wound up shooting my worst round of the year: 101. It was the first time I’d failed to break 100 since early last fall (Usually I shoot in the low 90s).

So right now, yes, I grimace when I think about golf. Luckily, I have some free time coming up next month, and I’ll be able to get to the course for practice only. In the past, my scores have come down when I’ve been able to practice, and I’m hoping that will be the case again. Golf–yech.


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