Idiot freeway drivers

I drive on a busy Interstate freeway most days of the week, for a stretch of about 20 miles.  Traffic in my part of the country moves fast.  I  often set my cruise control at 80, and still have to make way for faster traffic passing on my left.  I figure that as long as everyone drives about the same speed, since we’re all traveling the same direction, even these high speeds can be relatively safe.

But there’s always someone to screw things up.  The other day during rush hour, I witnessed a near miss.  I was going my usual 80, and was being passed on my left by a car going about 85.  But no sooner did he pull ahead of me that he had to go for his brakes in a hurry.  The car he was creeping up on couldn’t have been traveling more than 70.

People, the right lane is for slower traffic.  The middle lane is for traffic traveling at the “average” speed (relative to traffic around them).  The left lane is for passing.  It’s the so-called “fast” lane.

If you’re in the fast lane, for goodness sakes, drive fast!


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