Some time ago, I opened a Facebook account, altho I never actually made a Facebook site. So I was surprised today when an acquaintance I haven’t seen in two years invited me to be her Facebook friend.

This whole social networking thing baffles me. (I’ll spill the beans–I’m well into middle age. Perhaps even on the downside of it.) Walking along the street, I sometimes hear young people call out to each other, “I’ll Facebook you.” Already it’s become a verb.

Seems to me that too much of you is out there on Facebook. And I’m not just talking about pictures, although it seems most folks have gotten the idea that risque pix of themselves won’t do them much good in the future, like at job hunting time. But a lot of pages post telling information about the person. If you consider your life an open book, fine. I think some things should be private.

How did I respond to the invite to become a Facebook friend? I bit. And despite what I just said above, I built my own page. And after using it awhile, I might start using nouns as verbs in my conversations, too.


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